Лодочный мотор джонсон 15 инструкция 1992г

лодочный мотор джонсон 15 инструкция 1992г
Heck you may even have to blow it out a few times before whatever was blocking the hole gets broken up and flushed out. Again for convenience and avoiding frustration as seen in the photo below, otherwise you also have to have the bottom RH bolt inserted into the thermostat cover before you slide it into place as there is not enough room to do it once the cover is in place. This allows only the upper 2/3rds of the key to engage the flywheel. I have seen it on (2) 1974 9.9s where the flywheel key repeatedly gets sheared off, but the rest of the key is intact inside the breaker cam. The flow then splits, then goes on each side of the cylinders and out the top into the water jacket of the head. This is evident in that the first models in 1974 used the magneto ignition system with points and coils until 1976 when the electronics went to a Capacitor Discharge system.

However of that fails, then you will have to use the 3 armed gear puller and the 3 holes in the top of the flywheel like it was designed to do. This said, a motor WILL START, IF the actual position is a little faster than the indicated start position on the twist grip, BUT may not even sputter if set to slow. And (#3) this sideplate CAN NOT be taken off the powerhead UNLESS the powerhead is removed from the midsection because you can not get to the lower front bolt under the rubber motor mount. The prong placement is identified by «A», «B» & «C». The orange coil wires need to be in their respective locations in this coupler or the timing will be off. This shaft needs to be installed with the longest length of the slot upwards, otherwise the choke lever does not have enough room to function. This can tax a trouble shooting situation because you are usually looking at the other side of the motor and may only find this after doing a spark test and then maybe a carburetor rebuild which neither will improve the situation.

The carburetors seem to be changed in either 3 or 6 year increments. The hard ones are the RH and LH bottom, as the RH bolt is tucked under the support bracket. Управление скоростью лодки осуществляется за счёт изменения режима работы двигателя, для чего на конце румпеля имеетcя рукоятка, связанная механической передачей с узлом изменения угла опережения зажигания и дроссельной заслонкой карбюратора.

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